Brandon Bouck

"Discovering the Vibrant World of Art: A Biography

As you immerse yourself in the world of art, it's essential to explore the stories behind the creators; their journey, inspirations, and unique experiences. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a remarkable artist, whose life has been devoted to seeking beauty in all its forms. From the picturesque landscapes of Draper, Utah, comes an artistic force that will captivate your senses and ignite your imagination. Allow us to introduce you to an artist who dares to carve out exciting things that never existed - Fine Artist Brandon Bouck.

"Residing in the quaint town of Draper, Utah, alongside my loving wife and children, I have dedicated the majority of my life to exploring the realms of art. From a young age I embraced the challenges that lay in my path, finding solace and inspiration in every stroke of a brush. However, I have faced an additional hurdle: the daily struggles brought about by ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome. Most people don't even know I have Tourette's because I hide or suppress the facial and vocal tics that have always been there. But what you don't know, is there's a constant brewing storm below the surface of my outwardly calm nature. It's precisely these challenges that have fueled my creativity, giving birth to extraordinary works of art that reflect in quiet resilience.

Over the years, I have honed my skills and developed an original and contemporary style that is truly captivating. My paintings, reminiscent of mosaics, are a splendid fusion of colors and forms, presented in a Shatter-impressionist style. Vibrant and mesmerizing, my artwork has been described, draws you into a world of vivid imagination, where each stroke tells a story. I employ split, analogous, and complementary color palettes, like chords on a piano, to create a symphony of colors that resonate with the viewer. My hope is that standing in front of one of my artworks gives the feeling, the same excitement as a child in a candy store.

Eager to expand my artistic horizons, I pursued my education at Southern Utah University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Illustration. These academic pursuits provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to push the boundaries of my creativity, culminating in the vibrant and distinctive style I am known for today.

One cannot fully appreciate the talent of Brandon without acknowledging his significant accomplishments in the art world. His impressive list of exhibitions and awards highlights the recognition and admiration his artwork has garnered.

Exhibitions and Awards:

2020-2023- Represented by Main Street Gallery - Park City, Utah

2022 Center Stage / VIP at Silicon Slopes Summit

2022 - 2023 Invitation to show at Cryptopia SLC

2020 Park City Showcase - private show

2019 Utah Hogle Zoo World of the Wild Employee Choice Award

2019 Utah State Fair - Juried second place

2018 Utah State Fair - Juried first place

2018 Sandy Arts Guild - Juried finalist

2017 Utah State Fair - Juried first place

2017 Salty Bike Revival invitational

2016 Utah State Fair - Honorable Mention