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An innovative Journey from Algorithms to Aesthetics

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Western Wildlife


"Color Chording"

A model concept that allows me to create color palettes from music. I assigned notes to colors to uncode my interpretation of a particular part of a song in my artwork.

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Honored at Silicon Slopes Summit

You Picture it, I'll bring it to life on canvas

Artist commissions available to fit your personal budget. Give me a call and we'll work out the details.

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A collection of digital work on the block. Think baseball cards and how they grew in value over the years. NFT is the future of major art collections for a new wave of collectors.

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About the Brandon

Step inside my studio. I'll share a few things about myself. No guarantee you'll come out sans-paint.

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Good Things Utah - ABC4

My friend Nicea DeGering and my wife Amy conspired to convince me to appear on the show on Feb 8, 2002. I was apprehensive at first, but I'm grateful for the opportunity and really appreciated the publicity and awareness toward my art and my lifelong quest to create art.

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