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Angel's Song

Angel's Song

Original artwork signed by the artist - Oil on wrapped canvas - 36" x 36"

**This piece is dedicated in loving memory to the late and great, Ashley Sorenson**

Done in a Shatter-Impressionist style, Angel's Song is a new concept that I have been working on for years. Based on the song "Angels" by Robbie Williams, I used the chord progression in the chorus to choose the hues in my color scheme. You can learn more about my Color Chording process here. 

Newly at the controls of the Main Street Gallery is the amazing Amanda Sorenson. Against all odds, she has been successful at picking up the pieces after the passing of the original owner, and her sister Ashley Sorenson. When she made the decision to pack up and relocate herself and her son from California to Park City, Utah, she was making a tremendous sacrifice and taking an enormous risk. Many doubted her ability to take a successful track record that her sister put up, and sustain the business. With relatively little experience in gallery sales, Amanda has proven the naysayers wrong. Within months she was able to make a sale for every artist in the gallery, including myself. 

I wanted to honor Amanda's relationship with Ashley and so as a debut of the Color Chording concept I painted this work to a song that I thought would appropriately speak to a bond that is stronger than art itself. 

This item is SOLD. If you are interested in a duplicate, please call or text: 801-616-0065 or email

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