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West Wendover Wildcat

West Wendover Wildcat

Original artwork signed by the artist - Oil on wrapped canvas - 48" x 60"

An old family friend from my home town of Milford, Utah called me up after she had seen me post one of my pieces on social media. She is an amazing administrator at a school at the junction of two states, Utah and Nevada. Her school, West Wendover High School resides on the Utah side of town. The town is divided down the middle with Wendover to the east in Nevada and West Wendover on the other side. Because of the laws allowing gambling in Nevada but not in Utah, a casino was built on that side and holds many advantages over West Wendover. In fact, there is a very large socioeconomic divide between the two towns and the residents who live in each. 

 When my friend Heather called me up to request a painting from me, I jumped at the chance to help. They had a small grant that they were trying to fill and I was able to donate a portion of the market value of my painting to help them out. Mrs. Castagno (Heather) gave me the grand tour of the facility and it was evident that what she had "done to the place" was outstanding. Her level of organization, expectation of the student body, school beautification, and respect and love for underprivileged student-base truly made the school a glowing beacon of hope.

It was a true win-win. Because when I delivered the final piece to the school personally, I was met with a group of students who were there on a Saturday to express their appreciation and snap a quick pic together. 

Thank you for the opportunity West Wendover High School, I hope you enjoy the Wildcat.

This item is SOLD. If you are interested in a duplicate, please call or text: 801-616-0065 or email

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